Why Pay More?

                        Total Cost of the of the Program: $9355.00

Tuition(600*x 14.0) 8400.00*
Registration Fee       50.00
Books & Mindtap      299.12
Lab Coat        30.00
Kit     542.00
Tax       33.88
Total Charges   9355.00

Work alongside Licensed Industry Professionals.

Complete the program in as little as 6 ½ months.

400 hours in a Salon earning a salary vs paying to be in a School Salon.

Apprentice working 400 hours @ 14.25 (=) $5700.00 & tips while in school.

                                            Just do the math

1000 hour Cosmetology Program including Kit and Book   = 9355.00

400 Apprentice Hours  (not including tips)  earn                    = 5700.00

Net amount of Cost of a 1000 hour Cosmetology Program   = 3655.00*

*If you include tips it will be less!

The best part – when you graduate you may already have your dream job!


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