Q. How long is the Manicure program?

A. The Manicure Program is 100 hours which is mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Cosmetology.

Q. What will I learn in the Manicure program?

A. The curriculum is mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. All schools licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts must teach the same curriculum. A sample of subjects you will learn:

Hours            Subjects for Manicure Program

10     Sanitation, Sterilization/Safety

40   Basic Manicure and Hand & Arm Massage, Oil Manicure Men’s Manicure, Electric Manicure (Theory)

25   Artificial Nail Technique, Sculpture Nails & Tip, French Manicure Nail Wrap and Nail Mending

10  Oral, Written, and Practical Test, Hygiene and Anatomy

2.5   First Aid, Salon Management, Ethics, Courtesy, Salesmanship

12.5   State Laws

100   Total Hours

  1. Will I need a license to practice Manicure/Nails?
  2. Yes. Once you have completed your program, you will be eligible to take your state board exam. Upon successful completion of the exam you will be issued a Manicure License and are eligible to work in a Manicure Salon, Cosmetology Salon, and or any salon licensed for nails.
  3. What is the schedule for the Manicure/Nail program?
  4. Mansfield’s history and experience has provided us the ability to try to accommodate student’s needs. We are open Monday through Friday. We offer full time and part-time schedules.
  5. Does Mansfield Beauty Schools allow me to change my schedule if something changes in my personal life?
  6. Mansfield Beauty Schools’ history and experience has provided us with the knowledge to be able to successfully work with students to arrange convenient schedules within the constraints of our curriculum.
  7. What is the total cost of the program?
  8. The total cost of the program is as follows:

Registration Fee



Kit 300.00
Sales Tax (6.25%) Subject to change 18.75
Uniform 31.25
Books and access to Milady CIMA 270.00
Total Charges 2070.00
  1. Does Mansfield Beauty Schools offer a Tuition Payment Plan?
  2. Yes, Mansfield offers a no interest or finance fees Tuition Payment Plan.
  3. Mansfield has listed some topics for you to compare. Please add your individual questions and concerns to this list.
  • Compare the history and experience of the School. Local history and experience is critical for you as a student and graduate.
  • Will the school send you their brochure, or do they make you visit the school?
  • Does the school charge Interest/Finance Fees on their Payment Plan ? Remember credit cards charge interest.
  • Compare the School’s extra charge policy (s), how much will it cost if you go beyond your contract graduation date.
  • Does the School offer flexible schedules. What happens if you need to change your schedule?
  • Choose a school which teaches the curriculum mandated by the Massachusetts Board of Cosmetology so you receive preparation for the state board examination. Remember, the Massachusetts Board of Cosmetology mandates the curriculum that every school MUST
  • Compare cost of tuition and supplies, Remember all schools are mandated to teach the same curriculum
  • Visit the school, choose the environment where you feel most comfortable.

Will I receive placement assistance? Yes, although it is against the law to guarantee a job, our objective is to prepare students for state licensure and an entry level position in the field of Manicure.                                                                                                                                                                                     Contact Us

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