The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in order to practice the arts and sciences of cosmetology, require the successful completion of a 1000 hour clock hour program.  The Massachusetts Board of Cosmetology, along with 2 other Boards (New York and Puerto Rico)  require a 1000 hour program.  State hours vary, some are as high as 2300 hours.  The philosophy of Massachusetts is that the student must complete the 1000 hour program to learn the basic fundamentals in order to prepare for the state board exam and for an entry level position in the field of cosmetology.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not approve Advanced Training within the 1000 Hour Cosmetology Program. (Please keep in mind Mansfield Beauty Schools is not allowed by law to guarantee placement and or successful completion of the state board exam, it is our goal to assist the student to achieve this outcome.)

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, upon successful completion of the State Board Exam, will issue an operator’s license.   The Operator must work under a licensed Class One Hairdresser for the equivalent of two years full time.  The objective of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is that the students receives the basic fundamentals within the 1000 hour program and advanced work, in a salon, under the supervision of a Class One Hairdresser.  This method has successfully provided a hairdresser in Massachusetts with the most economical way to practice in the field of Cosmetology.

In order to achieve this goal, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandates that all licensed Cosmetology schools must provide the curriculum provided below.  The State Board does allow 10% flexibility.  Mansfield Beauty Schools utilizes this 10% to keep up with the current trends in the field of Cosmetology.

Mansfield Beauty Schools is waiting for details on the Cosmetology Paid Apprenticeship Program. An Apprenticeship program will allow a student to earn hours in a school and in a Salon participating in the Apprenticeship Program.  Please let us know if you are interested in this program by going to our         


# of Hours

Subjects for Cosmetology Programs


Manicure (12.5 hours of Artificial Nail Technique)


Hair Straightening and Permanent Waving




Finger Waving


Skin Care/Make-up/Facial Grooming


Wig Instruction and Scalp Treatment


Coloring – Dyes and Bleaching




Oral, Written, and Practical Tests: Sterilization, Hygiene, and Anatomy


Ethics, Salesmanship, Courtesy, and Conduct


Instruction and Lecture on Sanitation


Marcelling and all Iron Curls


Total Hours














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