Manicure Program

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in order to practice the arts and sciences of cosmetology, require the successful completion of a 100 hour clock hour program.  The philosophy of Massachusetts is the student must complete the 100 hour program in order to learn the basic fundamentals to prepare for the state board exam and prepare for an entry level position in the field of manicure. (Please keep in mind Mansfield Beauty Schools is not allowed by law to guarantee placement and or successful completion of the state board exam, it is our goal to achieve this outcome.)

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, upon successful completion of the State Board Exam will issue a manicure license.  The objective of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is for the student to receive the basic fundamentals within the 100 hour program.  This method has successfully provided a manicurist in Massachusetts with the most economical way to practice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In order to achieve this goal, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandates that all schools licensed to offer the Manicure program provide the curriculum as stated below.  The State Board does allow 10% flexibility.  Mansfield Beauty Schools utilizes this 10% to keep up with the current trends in the field of Manicure.

Mansfield Beauty Schools Program(s)as well as being licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Cosmetology and Barbering is also

accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences .  Accreditation means our program(s) meet high standards and outcomes measures such as completion, licensure and placement rates.

Mobile Manicure Services

Mobile Manicure Services are now allowed in Massachusetts.  Upon completion of the program, passing of the state board exam and registration with the Massachusetts Board of Cosmetology and Barbering, you will be able to offer Mobile Manicure Services.  Contact the school for more information.


# of Hours

Subjects for Manicure Program


Sanitation, Sterilization/Safety


Basic Manicure and Hand & Arm Massage, Oil Manicure, Men’s Manicure, Electric Manicure (Theory), Pedicure, Leg Treatment (Theory)


Artificial Nail Technique, Sculpture Nails & Tip, French Manicure Nail Wrap and Nail Mending


Oral, Written, and Practical Test, Hygiene and Anatomy


First Aid


Salon Management, Ethics, Courtesy, Salesmanship, State Laws


Total Hours


Manicure Tuition

Students are required to provide a kit, books, equipment and Mansfield Beauty Schools lab coat as listed. The kit, books, lab coat and all necessary equipment may be purchased from the school at the cost of:

Kit (Equipment)


Sales Tax (6.25%) Subject to change


Lab Coat (Mansfield Beauty Schools)




Registration Fee*




Total Charges


Mansfield Beauty Schools tuition payment plan for students enrolled for 13 hours per week is *$50.00 upon registration, $950 payment on the first day of school, and the remaining balance of $1070.00 at the rate of $178.33 minimum per week for 5 consecutive weeks, final payment 178.35. (Payment plan based on scheduled hours enrolled per week.)

*$50.00 registration fee is refundable prior to the starting date, notification must be made in writing or in person and received by Mansfield Beauty Schools prior to the contracted starting date.


All students are given a graduation date at enrollment. Students who do not complete the 100 hours by their graduation date will be charged at the rate of $14.00 per hour for the remaining time.

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